Registration Fee: Financial Assistance Application


Financial assistance applies to the registration fee only.

Members must meet eligibility requirements to be granted a reduced registration fee:

  • Members may apply for fee relief if they have been a member of SECA for at least two years, and the costs of attending the Vital Years would cause financial hardship, such that the member would be unable to attend without financial support.
  • Members must be active in their region and be known to attend regional meetings regularly.

The committee of the association will consider all applications that meet the eligibility criteria. Decisions will be made in consultation with the regional representative of each applicant within 2 weeks of the closing date for registration.

If your application is successful, you will be notified by email of the concession that you have been granted, and of the reduced amount you must pay for registration to secure your place at the conference. The fee must be paid by direct debit to the association’s account by the date specified in the email.

How to apply for financial assistance

Complete the Financial Assistance Application Form below

Enquiries may be sent to