Kolisko Conference 2021

Kolisko conferences are named in honour of Dr Eugen Kolisko (1893-1939) and began in 1989 on the 50th anniversary of his death. Dr Kolisko’s early career as a medical doctor and professor of medicinal chemistry at the University of Vienna metamorphosed after he agreed to join the new Waldorf school movement as a class teacher. During his 14 years at the school Eugen lived deeply into the question of how to create a truly healthy education for the school’s children that would serve their development in body, soul and spirit. He worked closely with Emil Molt founder of the first Waldorf School in Stuttgart along with the first school’s faculty on these questions—often following suggestions given by Rudolf Steiner during his school visits. Of special interest to Eugen was how the curriculum could be used as a preventative medicine serving as a healthy foundation for each child’s developing soul and spiritual life. Much of his work focused on using the arts as powerful tools for supporting child development. He was also instrumental in developing the role of the School Doctor.

The conferences are an opportunity for educators and health professionals to work together-across professional boundaries on a question of contemporary childhood/adolescence. Over time they have evolved to include a wider range of professionals hoping to further develop their own work based on collaboration and cross fertilisation of ideas and practices with a body of colleagues sharing similar questions.

The Brochure for the conference can be dowloaded Here

Event Properties

Event Date 14-07-2021
Event End Date 17-03-2021
Capacity Unlimited
Individual Price See link to brochure