Developing Organisation Membership

Developing Organisation Members are kindergartens/prep classes, preschools or children’s centres that are either affiliated with a Rudolf Steiner/Waldorf school, or are independent, and meet the following criteria:

  • The school or centre is registered, licensed and complies with government regulations regarding accreditation standards, or is working towards the above.
  • The school or centre strives to deliver a Steiner/ Waldorf program and demonstrates a commitment to working with Steiner / Waldorf early childhood educational principles.
  • The school or centre works visibly with Steiner EC pedagogical principles and strives to represent this educational impulse in the wider community.
  • Staff members working within the school or centre have a qualification or training in Steiner early childhood education or are in the process of gaining a Steiner/Waldorf credential.
  • The kindergarten or centre is, or intends to be, functioning as a Steiner/Waldorf early childhood organisation and demonstrates viability in terms of enrolment and staffing which must be maintained for two or more years in order to achieve Full Organisational Membership.
  • The school or centre seeks to actively participate in Steiner/Waldorf early childhood regional meetings and conferences on an ongoing basis.

Newly established Steiner/Waldorf schools and early childhood programs are eligible to join SECA as developing members for a two year period prior to becoming full members.

During the first two years of membership, the association provides support and guidance to the organisation with regard to the early childhood program. This support is dedicated to assisting the organisation to provide advice, information and training in Steiner/Waldorf education and is directed by the particular needs of the teachers who are working with the children and the program that they are providing in a given location. Regional representatives are the people responsible for coordinating the support provided to the developing member organisation. The association makes funds available to enable experienced early childhood teachers to provide the support to the early childhood staff of the organisation.

Developing Organisation Membership provides:

  • Advice and/or assistance towards accessing support and professional development in the field of Steiner/Waldorf early childhood education and care.  
  • Access to early childhood mentoring that can assist with further developing Steiner/Waldorf early childhood education and care
  • Information regarding Steiner/Waldorf early childhood international conferences and events.
  • Invitations to the Association’s AGM, regional and national meetings and conferences in Australia.
  • Information regarding Steiner/Waldorf educational issues and developments in Australia and overseas.
  • Listing of the member school or centre on the SECA website and on the IASWECE listing of Steiner/Waldorf schools and early childhood centres.
  • Star Weavings e-newsletter 


Duration: 1 year
Price: $175.00