With gratitude for the generosity of the those who have given the dolls, and for those who have made them with love and care...they are waiting to go to a new home! There will be more to come when they are ready to be shared with you...

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  • Magic Rainbow Dragon
    Magic Rainbow Dragon
    Donated by Nth NSW Region
  • A Handmade Life Doll
    A Handmade Life Doll
    Donated by Kylie at A Handmade Life Byron Bay Nth NSW Region
  • Joey doll
    Joey doll
    Donated by Meg Quinlisk Western Sydney Playgroup Sydney Region
  • Rosie

    Donated by Glenaeon Preschool Sydney Region

  • Soft first doll
    Soft first doll
    Donated by Tasmania Region
  • Willunga doll
    Willunga doll
    Donated by SA Region made by Heidi Thickins
  • Seasonal Dolls
    Seasonal Dolls

    Donated by Victoria Region