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IASWECE Sleep Project

We all need sleep to regenerate and connect to our dream life, and for the little child sleep is so important for the development of the physical body. The child needs sleep to grow. In countries around the world in the surroundings of the little child we see a number of things that are making it harder and harder for children to have a healthy sleep rhythm. Such threats to sleep include the growing amount of screen time children are exposed to, less and less awareness  of the importance of sleep, the speed with which we expect children to learn things, early academics, more stress, and less and less time to simply "be", to let go, relax and have a spiritual connection.

The Importance of Sleep

The IASWECE Birth to Three Working Group is preparing a study on the subject of sleep. They  have compiled the following collection of articles, quotations and research material to assist colleagues from member countries around the world:

Rudolf Steiner gave many indications to help us understand sleeping and waking, through his research in Spiritual Science.

Some quotes taken from his works