"The first two and a half years are the most important of all...During this time the child has the gift of being instinctively aware of everything that goes on around it, especially as regards the people who come into daily contact with the child... Everything that takes place in its environment imprints itself on its physical bodily form... so that our behaviour will influence its disposition to health or disease for the whole of its life"

Rudolf Steiner, From "The Child Before the Seventh Year", Lecture series given in Dornach,
Dec 23 1921-Jan 7, 1922

List of books and articles related to the work with children under three

  • The lectures and workshop summaries of the Conference on the Dignity of the Young Child 2010 are now available in English translation as an e-book which can be purchased online through amazon.com.au. $3.99 AUS  This book is an excellent resource for people working with children under three.  Title: The dignity of the young child (Persephone Books 2) by  Michaela Gloecker, Claudia Grah-Wittich 2013
  • A Warm and Gentle Welcome. Nurturing Children from Birth to Three. Published by WECAN Gateways Series, USA 2008
  • The Child from Birth to Three in Waldorf Education and Child Care. R.Patzlaff/C.McKeen and others. Published by WECAN New York 2011
  • Home Away from Home. Lifeways Care of Children and Families. C.Aldinger/M. O’Connell, Published by Lifeways. www.lifewaysnorthamerica.org
  • Life is the Curriculum. C. Aldinger. Published by LifeWays North America, 2015
  • Creating Connections. Perspectives on Parent-and-Child Work in Waldorf Early Childhood Education. Kimberley Lewis and Susan Weber, Published by WECAN, Spring Valley 2014
  • In Praise of Crawling. Susan Weber/ J.Swain. http://www.sophiashearth.org
  • Children under Three: Some Thoughts about the Song Circle and Storytelling. Christine Christiansen, Published in: Gateways Spring/Summer2011 www.waldorfearlychildhood.org/gateways.php
  • A Toddler Group within a Kindergarten. Eldbjorg  Guessing Paulsen. Published in: Gateways 61/ 2011
  • Trust and Wonder. A Waldorf Approach to caring for infants and toddlers. Eldbjorg Guessing Paulsen. Published by WECAN Publications 2011
  • Creating a Home for Body Soul and Spirit : A New Approach to Childcare.  Bernadette Raichle. Published by WECAN Spring Valley 2011
  • Under the Stars The Foundations of Steiner Early Childhood Education. Renate Long-Breipohl. Published by Hawthorn Press UK 2012
  • Observations of Children Under Three in the Kindergarten. Lisa Gromicko, Published in: Gateways  Spring/Summer 2010.
  • Emmi Pikler's Educational Impulse and Waldorf Education. This paper explores the life and work of Emmi Pikler, one of the pioneers of Paediatrics. The author compares Pikler's and Steiner's views on child observation and education, and emphasizes their similarities. https://www.waldorflibrary.org/articles/1229-emmi-piklers-educational-impulse-and-waldorf-education