The Vital Years 2024

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Those of us lucky to have eurythmy at our centres and schools know its importance in supporting the healthy development of the children and the energy and liveliness of the staff. We are fortunate to have eurythmy for all throughout the conference and in focussed workshops, and pleased to be able to introduce Micala Campbell, who will lead us in these experiences. We are so grateful to Micala, who has graciously stepped in to replace her peer, Brianna, who will now be in Dornach when our Hobart conference takes place.  

Kolisko conferences happen in different parts of the world every three years. Michaela Glöckler gave these insightful lectures at the Kolisko conference in Hawai'i in February of 2018. In the spirit of Dr. Kolisko, who devoted his life to caring for children and adults with disabilities, these lectures offer possibilities for educators and specialists to approach human beings with reverence and care.