Being at Home: Covid-19

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 Steadfast I stand in the world

With certainty I tread the path of life

Love I cherish in the core of my being

Hope I carry into every deed

Confidence I imprint upon my thinking.

These five lead me to my goal

These five give me my existence.

Rudolf Steiner 

The Little Gnome who Had to Stay Home;

A therapeutic story written by Susan Perrow for sharing with children who are unable to go to school or kindergarten because of measures to contain COVID 19. 


Thanks to Noosa Pengari Steiner School for sharing this guide to mealtime routines and healthy eating with us..

To Support an Extended Time At Home

This resource and attachments have been designed as a guide to support parents for the school holidays, those choosing to self-isloate, and in the event of a school closure, with the aim to promote a healthy and strong immunity for your family, according to the principles and practices in Steiner Education.

Thanks again to Noosa Pengari Steiner School for sharing this resource.

Suggestions for preschool families at home in daily life when not at school 

with thanks for sharing to Noosa Pengari Steiner School

by Susan Weber

© Susan Weber Sophia’s Hearth Family Center March 2011.

In difficult times, our urge is often to listen and see the news and to share our feelings with other adults. As a consequence, it is easy for the children around us to be exposed to things that they cannot understand. Even pre-verbal children can sense profoundly the distress in our inner being.

But nothing brings stamina for life and daily well being to our children more directly and strongly than surrounding them and immersing them into an atmosphere of goodness and joy.

Written for Sophia's Hearth by Hiromi Niwa Doherty

"As a native of Japan, and having family members and many friends in the midst of the devastation, I continue to struggle to find strength to overcome my own fear and sadness. Yet, a question came to me – 'How do I talk to my four-year-old about this? This awoke me. I felt called to stand up and do something, anything if I can, to protect my own child and to help fellow parents as we work together to protect our children from further harm. How can we support our children while we adults are struggling?