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Speech and the Human Encounter:  Dr. Lakshmi Prasanna

 February, 2018 Gateways Journal 


Speech and the Human Encounter:  Michael Kokinos

February 2018 Gateways Journal

" Our rightful place as educators is

to be removers of hindrances.

Each child in every age brings something new into the world from divine regions,

And it is our task as educators

To remove body and soul obstacles out of the child’s way.

To remove hindrances so that the spirit may enter

In full freedom into life."

~ Rudolf Steiner “The Spiritual Ground of Education” (GA 305, Lecture 4).

"In infancy, the sensory experience is unified and undifferentiated. As the three faculties of thinking, feeling, and willing develop, the senses take on a more distinct character. Initially this happens unconsciously and can later be raised into consciousness." Barbara Baldwin. 

As Keynote speaker at the Vital Years Conference in 2022, Nancy Blanning referred to Henning Kohler's book when she spoke about the spiritual aspect of the developing child and the nurturing of the fundamental senses.

Nancy shared the PDF of this wonderful book so that it can be easily accessible, and a source of information, inspiration and understanding for those living and working with young children.

We gratefully acknowlege this generosity from Nancy, and the deeply insightful work of Henning Kohler.

You can read Nancy's article about Henning Kohler in Gateways, WECAN Newsletter here

"New spiritually based solutions are needed to solve some of the complex problems found in today's youth. Henning Kohler courageously presents parents and teachers with a practical path of schooling the thinking, heart, and will in selfless devotion to the individual destiny of each child".

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Unicef Official Research Report by Fetzer Institute

What Makes Me? Core Capacities for Living and Learning in Childhood, explores how ‘core capacities’ – or cornerstones of more familiar concepts, such as life skills and competences – develop over the early part of the life course, and how they contribute to children’s personal wellbeing and development.