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Steiner Education

A comprehensive overview of Steiner education from the Anthroposophical Society of America in recognition of the 100 year anniversary .

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Susan Howard

Is there a Waldorf early childhood “curriculum?” Are there specific activities – perhaps puppet plays or watercolor painting, for example – that are required in a Waldorf program? Are there certain materials and furnishings – lazured, soft-colored walls, handmade playthings, natural materials, beeswax crayons – that are essential ingredients of a Waldorf setting? What is it that makes Waldorf early childhood education “Waldorf?” 

Rudolf Steiner spoke on a number of occasions about experiences essential for healthy early childhood education, including the following:


• Love and warmth
• Care for the environment and nourishment for the senses
• Creative, artistic experience
• Meaningful adult activity as an example for the child’s imitation
• Free, imaginative play
• Protection for the forces of childhood
• Gratitude, reverence, and wonder
• Joy, humor, and happiness
• Adult caregivers on a path of inner development