Steiner Education Early Childhood Course

As a leader in contemporary Steiner training in Australia, Sydney Rudolf Steiner College has been preparing teachers for a fulfilling career in Steiner Education since 1980.

Our annual Foundation course for Early Childhood offers a comprehensive Steiner Training that supports the whole human being through a combination of online learning and in-person Seminars, led by highly experienced lecturers from Australia and around the world.

A second-year Certificate course is available to students who complete the first-year Foundation Course. With the completion of both the Foundation and Certificate Course in Steiner Early Childhood Education, the student will have a Steiner qualification that is recognised both in Australia by SEA and SECA as well as internationally by IASWECE (International Association for Steiner Waldorf Early Childhood Education).

The Foundation course begins in February. Please visit our website to download the latest prospectus and to learn more.

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The Art Of Caring

Steiner/Waldorf Childcare Course; from Birth to Five


Developed out of the growing demand for Steiner/Waldorf Childcare, this comprehensive part-time course aims to equip parents, educators and carers with the essential tools to create a warm and nourishing environment for the children in their care.

Originally developed by Dr. Renate Long-Breipohl, this course is essential for anyone working with the young child from birth to five, including Parents, Carers, Childcare Providers and Playgroup Leaders.

Presented by some of our most experienced Early Childhood Educators, the course will include in-depth talks and practical workshops on child development and the art of conscious caring to prepare participants with the necessary foundational knowledge of Steiner/Waldorf education.

Due to an overwhelming request for a more accessible online format, we are happy to announce that the course will now be delivered ONLINE.

This means that you can now join us wherever you are in Australia or around the world.

The course will run yearly beginning February 2024, delivered ONLINE via live webinar across 10 sessions (one session per month).

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