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Steiner Education Early Childhood Course

As a leader in contemporary Steiner training in Australia, Sydney Rudolf Steiner College has been preparing teachers for a fulfilling career in Steiner Education since 1980.

Our annual Foundation course for Early Childhood offers a comprehensive Steiner Training that supports the whole human being through a combination of online learning and in-person Seminars, led by highly experienced lecturers from Australia and around the world.

A second-year Certificate course is available to students who complete the first-year Foundation Course. Completion of both the Foundation and Certificate Course in Steiner Early Childhood Education, the student will have a Steiner qualification that is recognised both in Australia by SEA and SECA as well as internationally by IASWECE (International Association for Steiner Waldorf Early Childhood Education).

The Foundation course begins in February. Please visit our website to download the latest prospectus and to learn more.

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New Steiner-Based Family Day Care Course

Due to a growing demand for registered Steiner-inspired, home-based Family Day Cares, we have developed a comprehensive part-time course in partnership with the NSW Family Day Care Association/PEAK Training.

The course aims to equip Educators, Parents and Carers with the essential tools to set up and run their own registered Family Day Care environment, as well as to awaken the art of professional caring, supporting the development of understanding, skills and attitudes equally, in working with the very young child in the first three years of life.

Course details are still in the final stages of planning, but we aim to run from February to November 2024 over 7 Saturdays (subject to final comfirmation)

To register your interest please visit our website for placement on our enrollment list, as space will be limited.

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