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The Australian Association for Rudolf Steiner Early Childhood Education (SECA) is part of an international movement dedicated to the protection, development and strengthening of Steiner/Waldorf Early Childhood care and education of the child from the developmental stages of pre-birth to the age of seven.

Our aim is to share knowledge and experience among early childhood colleagues and with the community; to organise and provide professional development in Steiner/Waldorf Early Childhood Education; and to contribute to and nourish Rudolf Steiner/Waldorf early childhood in Australia and worldwide.

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    Training Courses

    The list of Associate Member Organisations in Australia that offer programs designed to provide further…

    Early Childhood Courses and Teacher Training at Sydney Rudolf Steiner College

    Early Childhood CoursesFor aspiring Steiner teachers, parents & carers of children in Early Childhood Discover…

    Early Childhood Intensive at Melbourne Rudolf Steiner Seminar

    Learn and experience practical activities: storytelling, songs and verses, morning circle, craft and doll making,…

    Useful links to Steiner/Waldorf information

    To help you find more information about Steiner/Waldorf education in the world wide context, here…

    Upcoming Events Courses and Workshops

    See the list of upcoming courses, workshops and events around Australia from member organisations. Click…
    Positions Vacant
    View the latest early childhood vacancies in member school kindergartens, prep classes and preschools around Australia.
    Individual members and organisations are invited to contact us about our mentorship programs that assist new early childhood teachers and centres across Australia. Find a mentor in your region or become a mentor... Not a member? Become a member today
    About the Early Years
    Essential Characteristics of Steiner/Waldorf Education for the Child from Birth to Seven. The future development of each individual child and of humanity as a whole depends on health-giving experiences in the first seven years of life...

    Why Become a Member?

    SECA is dedicated to supporting Early Childhood teachers in Australia through access to pedagogical resources, mentorship programs, professional and personal development and collegial community.

    Becoming a SECA member is to join the growing network of Steiner/Waldorf Early Childhood educators across Australia and support the work of protecting childhood and strengthening Steiner/Waldorf pedagogy in the care and education of the child's first seven years of life.

    Individual members will have access to SECA’s growing library of resources, access to the Vital Years Conferences and recordings, dedicated forums for access to our panel of experienced teachers and mentors, as well as the quarterly newsletter “Star Weavings”.

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    Articles and Resources
    Chaos in Everyday Life: About Cleaning & Caring

    Chaos in Everyday Life: About Cleaning & Caring

    - an article by Linda Thomas. When it comes to housekeeping, the concepts of disorder and chaos often get confused. In our households, order is often related to a certain regularity and clarity. I call a room orderly, when everything is in...

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    The Healing Power of Story

    The Healing Power of Story

    Article by Susan Perrow. The universe began as a story … we are part human, part stories. The importance of stories and storytelling has been understood and worked with since the beginning of recorded history. Anthropologists...

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    Education in Light of Anthroposophy...

    Education in Light of Anthroposophy...

    Anthroposophy (which can be translated as ‘the consciousness of our humanity’) offers a pathway of understanding for those who are interested in developing an appreciation of humanity, life and the world from...

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