Aurifer – Australian Steiner Supplies is a Social Enterprise launched in 2023 offering materials to support the education of head, heart and hands while practising Social Threefolding. This initiative arises out of an abiding commitment to Steiner Education, to support schools and families with the very best experience as they make their choices for products used in early childhood settings, the classroom and work. 100% of our profits are returned back to the cultural realm supporting Steiner education initiatives in Australia.

We supply quality products with the highest ethical social and environmental standards from manufacturers working from an Anthroposophical approach. Our resources: support children’s healthy sense development; contribute to creating healthy and aesthetically beautiful work and learning environments; and are made from ethically sourced materials and environmentally sound production processes.

We are here to serve your needs, whether you are a large well established school, a new endeavour in Steiner education, a small playgroup, or a homeschool educator.

Lyrebird Store

Established 2008, Lyrebird is a small Steiner educated family owned and operated business, dedicated to supporting Steiner school families, teachers, and the home education community in obtaining the best products to support the Steiner curriculum in the home. With background knowledge of the philosophy and curriculum, we provide a dedicated old fashioned postal service offering personalised customer consultation by phone and/or messages. 

We seek to offer as wide a selection of Steiner compatible products as we can find and recommend, giving options for customer selection.

Our physical shop is in Hobart, and we post all over the country.

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EduCareDo is an international initiative offering self-awakening courses in the light of anthroposophy. Since 2002, EduCareDo’s distance-learning courses have met the needs of thousands of individuals to develop capacities towards freedom on the path of self knowledge.

These courses are based on the principal ideas of Rudolf Steiner.  For more information about this course and others, visit the website - click here


Since it was established, Weleda has followed aims which sprang from its founding principles. Our products are intended to support people in their personal development, in maintaining, promoting and restoring their health and achieve physical well-being. 

You can find out more about Weleda products by visiting their website  - click here


For over 40 years, the Rudolf Steiner Book Centre has been active not just as a book shop, but as a centre of information about Anthroposophy and related movements in Sydney, Australia and the worldwide community.

The “Rudolf Steiner Bookshop” was opened at Rozelle on 3 February 1975 as part of St John Group activities. The St John Group is the Sydney Branch of the Anthroposophical Society in Australia. The Bookshop later merged with the “Anthroposophical Book Centre” under the name of “Rudolf Steiner Book Centre” at Rudolf Steiner House, 307 Sussex Street, Sydney. It remains a not‐for‐profit organisation. To visit the website, click here


Mercurius Australia are committed to consciously work in our part of the world, providing products that support the holistic development of the child, through education, art and play, both within our schools and within our homes. If you would like to know more about any of our products, or have any questions relating to supporting the developing senses through art and education, please be in touch.

Waldorf and Steiner schools around the world recognise the importance of the developing senses, with a curriculum centred around pedagogical development. Stockmar, Mercurius International and Mercurius Australia are companies that were born out of a vision to create, supply and provide access to products that support the work of a pedagogical centred education, and hence the healthy development of the senses.

To visit the website, click here

LilyRose Artisan Fibres
"My name is Rosie and I’m a dyer of natural fibres. I dye 100% pure wool felt, wool yarn of every ply, pure silk play scarves for imaginative play, and much more. I also sew and embroider and love to make small dolls for children’s play, particularly finger puppet peg dolls. My specialty is working with clear rainbow colours, in both pastel and bright tones. I also like to work with the colours of the Australian bush, and secondary and multi tonal dyeing. I can dye to order as well. I use professional dyes to ensure there is no colour run or fading.
I have been a dyer for over 30 years and absolutely love it still!”
Contact Rosie to order yarn, felt, silk and special play items:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Soft Senses Yarn
Quality and unique hand spun wool, alpaca, silk, mohair,... Natural and earth-respectful skeins of yarn and garments handcrafted with love and passion.
Hand-dyed wool rovings and fibres, felting kits, spinning kits, pure wool stuffing and weaving supplies.
Hand made Waldorf/Steiner elves, fairies, dolls and magical creatures.
Contact Jennifer to order 
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Healing Stories for Challenging Behaviour (2008)

Therapeutic Storytelling: 101 Healing Stories for Children (2012)

An A-Z Collection of Behaviour Tales: From Angry Ant to Zestless Zebra (2017)

Stories to Light the Night: A Grief and Loss Collection for Children, Families and Communities (2021)

For more information about Susan Perrow's  books and Trainings go to


Elisabeth's Dolls made in France

"My name is Elisabeth Cusenier, now retired from my work as a very happy Kindergarten teacher in France for 25 years. I have been inspired by the teachings of Rudolf Steiner and I have always believed in the importance of dolls in a child’s life. The doll is a real treasure and it opens the child to a world of love.  Each doll is made by hand with love, and with quality materials that I order from Germany. Selected cotton is used for the body of the dolls and the clothes; wool is used in filling the dolls, for the hair and for some of the clothes as well. It is wonderful to be able to create these dolls, and I am delighted to know that my dolls will be residing in Australia!"

Francoise Sauvere is a good friend of Elisabeth and of SECA. She is the contact person in Australia for ordering a doll from Elisabeth. Francoise has 18 dolls for sale at the moment (7 pictured). Contact Francoise for pictures of all the dolls and the prices:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Grassroots Eco Store is a shop brimming with quality, earth-friendly products with an emphasis on Steiner/Waldorf inspired materials. Located on the grounds of Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School in Sydney, Australia. We are committed to providing sustainably and ethically sourced gifts, toys, arts & crafts materials and everyday needs for the whole family made from natural materials that will capture your imagination and be cherished for many years to come!


The Treehouse is the Samford Valley Steiner School’s own shop that makes available to parents and the community: children’s books, works by Rudolf Steiner and books arising from Steiner’s indications on a variety of subjects: including education, parenting, art, craft, music, poetry and more. The Treehouse also stocks small items for birthdays and other special occasions including handmade cards, toys, craft, painting kits, candle kits, crayons, Lyra pencils, watercolour paints and paper, jewellery, wool, wax and much more. Any queries, please contact Avril O’Brien on 0450 680 563.


  Nature Stories and Stories in Movement for young children

This Parent – Teacher Resource is a collaboration of Steiner Early Childhood Educators who share a love for children, gardening and the Earth. It includes stories about composting, tree pasting,ducks, chickens, horses,bees, ants and aphids. The stories include themes of friendship, co-operation, care and kindness. Stories in Movement are designed to be used in Morning Circle. They include healthy developmental movement for young children, songs and verses within a story line. Available through Galit Fisher  0407 219 159 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Cost: $30 for one copy. Shipping: $7.00



 I am Jo, and my passion is to create + offer a beautiful, colourful + unique range of hand dyed wool felt pieces, pure wool, play silks + silk ribbons. To compliment these I have added other natural + sustainable craft materials. I also have a selection of thoughtfully chosen books, games, puzzles + toys for children with a Steiner influence + ethically made to inspire + encourage creative play. The health of the environment is a big part of my life + I always strive to choose the most eco-friendly solution I can. I use 100% certified compostable satchels where ever possible + recycle packaging to decrease my footprint. I am on instagram + facebook too. Please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  with your queries.



  • Seedsong and Wondersong- collections of songs in the mood of the fifth. 
  • Naturesong - a collection of pentatonic seasonal songs.
  • Sunsong- a collection of pentatonic and mood of the fifth songs with an Australian theme. 
  • Circle Round the Seasons- a collection of morning circles in the mood of the fifth. 
  • Circle Round the Sun- a collection of seasonal stories and pentatonic morning circles.  All of the above titles $35.00 each
  • Heartsong - a collection of rounds and music in 3 parts. Cost $45 

All books are spiral bound and all except Heartsong come with audio files  

To purchase the package of 6 books for young children is $190 plus postage. Postage within Australia: 1 or 2 books $10, 3 or more books $15. Email your order, including your postal address to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Developing the Self – Developing the World

Founded by a community of individuals committed to working with inner development for world development, striving to build healthy community life in the light of anthroposophy.

As an organisation, Developing the Self – Developing the World also connects individuals and communities with artists, health practitioners, farmers, and educators who offer peer support, workshops, and programs for school faculties, students, and parents.

This work has grown out of this community of individuals’ work with meditation and inner development, in relationship to the Inner Work Path, which offers courses, workshops and lectures on themes such as: caring for the senses in early childhood • external applications to harmonise the senses • social understanding, gender, and sexuality • The foundations of health and wellbeing • and more… Visit the website here