Welcome to the Vital Years 2024 Early Childhood Conference


SECA and the organising group from lutruwita/Tasmania look forward to welcoming you to the 2024 Vital Years Conference in nipaluna/Hobart.

We are excited about our rich lecture and workshop content from international and national early childhood professionals, and offer registrants the experience of some of the best lutruwita and surrounds has to offer.


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The Vital Years: Full Conference

9 - 14 July 2024

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The Vital Years: Weekend Only Event

13 - 14 July 2024

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Full conference Price: $780

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Weekend Only Event Price: $165


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Registrants can choose ONE morning and ONE afternoon workshop from the following list which will run over three days. Participants may also opt to select an additional workshop for the Saturday.

  • Shining a Light: Why do we do what we do?
  • Puppetry and the six elements of the visual arts as tools to enhance the daily life of the kindergarten
  • Joy and Innocence in Childhood- the Hidden World of the Young Child
  • Working with Families and Children to Four Years of Age
  • Working with Eurythmy and the Fairytale to Imitate Life
  • The Truth, Beauty, and Goodness of a Mixed-Age Steiner Long Day Care Centre
  • How to Train our Senses in a Such a Way that we can Recognise the Etheric
  • Meeting our Karmic Relationships: It Takes a Village to Raise a Child
  • Writing Seasonal Morning Circles using Music in the Mood of the Fifth
  • Ellersiek Hand Gesture Games: Inviting the Child into the World of Imitation
  • Making Moving Pictures - Bringing Images Alive
  • Understanding Play
  • Connecting Ourselves to Country, and our Children to their Time and Place
  • Elements of a Bush Kindergarten Program
  • Understanding Children's Drawings
  • Exercises to Strengthen the Teacher
  • Creative Patternmaking and Storytelling with Wool
  • A Day in the Life of the Children's Garden
  • The Rest Project
  • Bringing Pikler's Approaches into Your Daily Work
  • What Is Child Study?
  • The Entertainment Trap
  • Knowing Your Own Being; Learning About Others – The Nature of the Human Being, Life-Phases, the Pedagogical Law and the Arts in Relation to the Human Being.
  • Make a Knotted Doll and learn to Form the Face

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Recommended Readings

Truth, Beauty and Goodness
The future of education, healing arts and health care  Michaela Glockler, MD

Truth, Beauty and Goodness. Rudolf Steiner. GA220. rsarchive.org

Conference Resources:

Other useful documents for downloading can be found on the Resources/Vital Years 2024


About the Speakers

Silvia Jensen

Silvia Jensen has long experience working as a kindergarten teacher in Brazil, the country of her birth, which she has represented in IASWECE for 14 years. Silvia trained in puppetry in the United States and is deeply connected to handwork, especially sewing, embroidery, and felting. She is completing her training in art in Waldorf education in São Paulo, Brazil, and loves to get to know other cultures through travel, enjoying singing, and nature. Opening lecture: “Worthy of Imitation: Adult Self-development and the Arts” “The child relates to the adult as the moon does to the sun.” In this lecture, Silvia will explore gratitude and how adults can use the six elements of the visual arts as a means of self-development in order to be worthy of the child’s imitation.

Dr. Lakshmi Prasanna

Dr Lakshmi Prasanna is the founder of the Anthroposophical Medical Society of India, and a trained paediatrician specialising in neonatology. In 1997 she opened Little Hearts Children’s Hospital, a private neonatal intensive unit in Hyderabad, and encountered Waldorf education and the work of Dr Rudolf Steiner, becoming one of the pioneer parents and a founder member of the Abhaya Waldorf School. Lakshmi went on to develop an interest in helping children with autism from a metabolic and sensory perspective, based on Steiner’s indications, and in 2004 Little Hearts Hospital was extended to include Saandeepani, a curative centre for children with special needs. Lakshmi has worked for many years as a school physician in India and Australia, and since 2007 has travelled extensively as an education consultant and lecturer in child development and health promotion within school communities, particularly in Australia, New Zealand, and India. Main lecture series: “What is the Human Etheric in its Entirety?”; “How Do I Nurture it?”; “How Do I Work With it?”

Philipp Reubke

Philipp Reubke heads the Pedagogical Section at the Goetheanum. Philipp was born in Stuttgart in 1960 and is a former Waldorf student. He went on to study philosophy, German language and literature, and early childhood education. He worked in France as a Waldorf German language teacher from 1989, then as a Waldorf kindergarten teacher until 2017, and from 2010 to 2020 was a member of the coordination group of IASWECE, the International Association for Steiner/Waldorf Early Childhood Education. Since October 2020, Philipp has shared leadership of the Pedagogical Section with Constanza Kaliks. Lecture at the SECA Annual General Meeting: “Waldorf Education: Support for Inner and Outer Activity” Philipp will include examples from kindergarten and the school grades. Closing lecture: “Supporting the Consciousness of the Unity of Life - Waldorf Education as a Contribution to an Ecological Attitude.”
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